Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a way of interacting with a child in any environment:

“ABA uses principles such as positive reinforcement to teach children skills in a planned, systematic manner. Children receive repeated opportunities across the day, settings, people, and materials to practice their new skills”

  • We at Shiloah teach everything including academics, social skills, self care, job training, and leisure skills.
  • Skills are broken into small parts, so children are more successful ABA is based on basic principles.
  • We do things more often when they have positive consequences (Reinforcement).
  • When we don't know how to do something we need help to learn how (Prompting).
  • Such help needs to be eventually removed if we are to do the skill on our own (Fading).
  • We get better and better at things as we practice them more (Shaping).

    Children with autism and various challenges do not always learn through typical means. They require the structured discrete trials of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which is based on the principles of behavior modification. This type of teaching consists of many different individualized programs designed to teach language, social interaction, academics, and behavior in a systematic manner. Prompting, reinforcement, and repetition create an enormous amount of successful learning opportunities which leads to dramatic improvement.


    • adaptive and self-help skills
    • attending and social awareness skills
    • cognitive functioning skills
    • community participation
    • coping and tolerating skills
    • emotional development
    • family relationships
    • language and communication
    • play and leisure skills
    • pre-academic skills
    • reduction of inappropriate behavior
    • safety skills
    • self-management