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Why Choose Us!

Our mission is to decrease the challenges faced and enhance the lives of individuals with ASD and children with various challenges and their families by providing one-to-one instruction, education, training, guidance, and resources.
One on one sessions to facilitate effective learning.
Individually customised curriculum to enhance development.
Children exclusively handled only by Certified and trained professionals throughout the therapy session
Integrated therapy plan incorporating therapy plans by different professionals to create comprehensive change.
Professional services of ABA therapy, Occupational Therapy, Brain Gym, Speech Therapy under one roof.
Parental involvement for every target behaviour to sustain learning.
Evidence based practice methods to provide higher results in learning.
Quarterly evaluations to assess effectiveness of the curriculum.
Group activities to enhance social skills.
Services available 7 days a week 9am-7pm.

Our Services


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a way of interacting with a child in any environment.


Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children.


In Occupational Therapy we assess and work on fine motor, visual motor, sensory motor and self-care skills


Brain Gym is a system that uses simple movements to stimulate brain function.


The most common and dangerous features of low self-esteem is negative self-talk.


Program designed for those students who are mentally, physically, socially and/or emotionally delayed


Intensive early intervention services combine both structured setting and natural learning environments.



We tried all kinds of home remedial methods to improve our Sons concentration and behavior, but failed. We were lost and no clue how to proceed after that. "We heard about you and with ray of hope, to correct the behavior and concentration issues for my son, we wanted to try. Now since last 4 months we could see a steady progress in my sons behavior." We really liked the approach to correct him and your suggestions for us really working well and we could see true changes in his behavior.


Sessions at "Shiloah" with Christabel, helped my son in terms of better articulation, sentence formation, verbal expression of emotions along with joy of talking. It was really important as it improved his willingness to express himself. Apart from this, she played a major role in handling day-to-day little behavioural patterns and dealing with them effectively. Thanks a lot Sherly (Christabel) to help me achieve his milestones.

Mrs.Pooja Mittal

Karuna joins me in acknowledging and appreciating your support for our Son , Atharv , over the last couple of years . Firstly your warmth and affection was an instant hit with him and he hasn't looked back from there Apart from a clear improvement in areas of social skills, he has also come a long way in his academics . His confidence levels have improved and he is clear in the concepts .All of these are supporting him in his school . He loves coming to you which says a lot in terms of how he looks up to meeting and learning from you .You have helped him in his developmental journey and we sincerely appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do for him . You have a great gift from God and are in a Noble Profession .Pl continue to spread your goodwill . From all of us , please accept our sincere thanks and Best wishes for your future .

Capt Srinivas

My Experience is very good with Shiloah. I'm happy with Therapy and Shawn is improving a lot.


My son is an enthusiastic little boy. He loves to discover and of course, to learn new things. No child prefers going for tutions, but my son lives for it. He would go to school and wait for his ride to reach Shirley Aunty’s center. When he comes back home, he walks with a smile knowing that his next class will come very soon. He reads his bibles, just like Shirley Aunty told him to do. He does his homework, the way Shirley Aunty taught him. He packs his books and bag for his tutions. He indeed loves tutions. The thing that surprised me most was his love for Shirley Ma’am. He would state facts and say, “Because that’s what Shirley Aunty said.” He would sit and read the Bible stories books he got from Shirley Ma’am for his First Holy Communion and say, “Shirley Aunty said that I should read my Bible.” We used to ask him, “Who do you love the most?” and he would answer, “Mummy,” but now when we ask him this question, he says, “Mummy and Shirley Aunty.” He has grown to love Shirley Ma’am. I hope that this stays the same because his love to learn and discover with Shirley Ma’am really lifts my heart. Thank you Shirley Ma’am and May God bless you.

Mrs.Tharuni Vincent

My son came to Shiloah at 2.6 years of age and he was having trouble with speech. He had speech delay and not able to express himself with ease as compared to others his age. Once we started the sessions with Mrs Daniel, we could see a tremendous change in him. Within couple of months he started speaking words and his articulation improved over next few months. With the speech tools like chewy tubes, Mrs Daniel ensured that our son gets the best of the solutions for his speech related issues. Now, he speaks sentences and he is getting better with talking and expressing his feelings. We are really thankful to Shiloah for helping my son become a more confident child.


Our son Nikith started his second year with Miss.Shirley at Shiloah Therapy and Learning Center, Koramangala, Bangalore (he turned 3 and half years now). Nikith was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism spectrum disorder when he was around two years. He was completely non-verbal, crying for nothing, poor sitting tolerance, non-social and fully dependent. As many parents of autistic kids do, we are also going through a very tough phase. As he grew older, it became noticeable what he needed was very different and we felt that the Shiloah Therapy and Learning Center at Koramangala, Bangalore could meet his needs. We heard about Miss.Shirley from our friends and visited her at Shiloah Therapy and Learning Center, Koramangala, Bangalore. We felt right at home. Just watching how she interacted with the children was amazing. The program is structured and implemented to the children's ability and therefore easier to set up activities and teaching. For our son, the daily therapy is so important since he can not move himself. We love the way the staff integrates therapy in many of their activities throughout the day not just while he is attending ABA, OT or Speech Sessions. They are also working on letting the children explore with all their senses; from touching, smelling, tasting and vision (Sensory). Some examples: sitting tolerance improvement, behavior modification, hand eye co-ordination activities, cycling, foot massage and many more. I am very thankful to Miss.Shirley and her staff for their amazing job in making my kid progress every day. They analyzed Nikith's behavior very closely and designed a dedicated special course for him. We were able to see him progress with this course. Now Nikith was able to sit, his eye co-ordination has improved a lot, he was able to concentrate on activities and also trying to communicate with us. We are very happy for Nikith. We are now all set and looking forward for the moment that he will speak and do daily things (brushing teeth, eating, toilet...etc) on his own. As parents, we are very much happier that Nikith is receiving high quality learning and therapies at Shiloah Therapy and Learning Center, Koramangala, Bangalore. A Special Needs School and there is not enough praise for Miss. Shirley and her staff who works endlessly with such positive attitude and have such respect and love for our children.

Karthick & Family